Kobudo, Karate, Martial Arts Links


Kobudo, Karate and Martial Arts links

Interesting links that I would like to keep alive !

Search engines

MAH - Martial Arts search engine
Budo seek - Martial Arts search engine
Ask Jeeves


International Okinawa Kobudo Association
Virtual Okinawa
Bushido Online Magazine
Ecole Internationale de Kobudo d'Okinawa
Nunchaku at Alex Levita's
    Everything you ever wanted to know about nunchaku. Very complete.
Nunchaku at EnterpriseGuild
    Huge information on this site, regularly updated.
Kobudo de Okinawa
Matayoshi Kobudo history
Kengai-ryu Matayoshi Kobudo soke
Taifu Okinawan Kobudo School
AIKO The Italian Association of Okinawan Kobudo.
Huge links !


Shotokan Karate do
    An incredibly complete site about shotokan karate, including videos of kata.
World Karate Federation (Link #1)
World Karate Federation (Link #2)
Karate Shorinkan
Isshin Ryu Karate

Martial Arts

Bushido Online Magazine
    This page is the entry point of the previous link in the upper Kobudo section.
Bushido Online Magazine 3rd version.
Karate Bushido
    THE martial arts magazine
General Martial Arts site
    Dealing with Karate and Kobudo. You can find the Kobudo link upper in this page.
Okinawa Goju-ryu Shodokan France
    This site is in French and deals with Goju-ryu Karate and Kobudo.
Nunchaku de combat
    French site about Fighting nunchaku.
DeValentino Shudokan Schools International
    An association of martial arts schools dedicated to the development of strong moral character and physical fitness through the practice of Traditional Okinawa Karate-do & Kobudo.

Supply stores

American Martial Arts Supply
Sakura Martial Arts Supply Co. Sakura Martial Arts Supply, Co
    Martial Arts Supplies - Uniforms - Equipment - Weapons. Sakura Free Warrior Greeting Cards Auction Contest.
SuKuoo Mats
Cours de russe

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